Abdominal Toning & Weight Loss

This Mei Zen protocol allows you the freedom to continue eating what you like, and is designed to assist you in your weight loss goals. Nutritional advice and suggested lifestyle changes will be given as needed to facilitate working through any patterns of disharmony identified at your initial assessment. Weekly acupuncture treatments and herbal prescriptions as needed help to tone your muscles, ramp up your digestive system, and work to remove any barriers you may have to losing weight.

When you don’t love yourself, it is harder to lose weight because you are holding on to negativity. Not only does your physical body react to this internal negative dialogue, but worry and stress compound the challenge. Changing the way you feel about yourself and a movement & intake journal are incorporated into the process, and a healthy weight loss goal for this program is to lose between 2-5 pounds monthly.

Weight Loss With Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine views weight gain as a condition of “dampness” – a disruption to the free flow of qi & blood and fluid metabolism which contributes to the accumulation of phlegm in the body. Phlegm doesn’t just impact the physical body, it also has an impact on your mind and spirit. 

A skilled acupuncturist will look at your system as a whole, although common areas of disharmony include your liver, spleen, kidneys, thyroid & endocrine system. Body points used at each session address the disharmonies revealed during your initial evaluation as well as points selected to target water retention, blood sugar & hormonal imbalances (including the ovary glands if applicable), and the adrenal system. 

Acupuncture activates your “feel good” neurotransmitters and there are several auricular acupuncture points that can affect the part of your brain that feels hunger.  Ear seeds are a take-home option that can be an adjunct to your regular treatments. Stress management is imperative and acupuncture is very helpful with promoting relaxation and supporting new, healthy patterns.

In one recent study conducted over a period of 8-weeks, participants who received 16 sessions of acupuncture to lose weight lost an average of 5 lbs, with the most successful participant achieving a nearly 16 lb weight loss. Dr. Zhong Lidan, who worked on the study, suggested that the weight loss may be due to acupuncture having a stimulating effect on serotonin and beta endorphin, which suppresses appetite and increases lipolysis activity, and promotes the breakdown of lipids which results in weight loss.

How Does the Mei Zen Acupuncture Weight Loss System Work, and is it Right for You?

The Mei Zen Weight Loss protocol utilizes a system of targeting the abdominal area, which aids digestion, promotes circulation and enhances the muscular tone in the area. The increased muscular tone achieved from this specialized acupuncture technique further facilitates metabolism and aids in weight loss. This program is an 18 session commitment over a 16-week period that requires you to be fully engaged to receive optimal wellness and maximize your weight loss results.

If you currently have fibroids, are pregnant or nursing, or have chronic digestive disorders this protocol isn’t right for you. Regular acupuncture is very effective at eliminating fibroids and resolving chronic digestive issues, and this protocol will be an option once these conditions are worked through. 

Sounds Great! When Can We Get Started?

The first step is to come in for a complimentary 30-minute consult to meet the practitioner. During this time you will be shown before and after pictures of people completing the treatment you are considering, and it’s a time to have any questions you may have answered. 

After the consult, should you decide that the Acupuncture Weight Loss protocol is right for you, you will need to come in for a regular acupuncture assessment and treatment so that any Traditional Chinese Medicine patterns you have can be identified. This will only enhance your results as the best outcome is achieved from balancing your system as a whole.

In cases of chronic conditions, including digestive issues, you may need to come in for more than one regular acupuncture treatment to build your system before starting the desired protocol. Chinese herbal prescriptions that address your patterns of disharmony are often recommended and have a synergistic effect of building, regulating, or harmonizing your system in conjunction with the acupuncture treatments. They are optional however.

How Long Does the Weight Loss Acupuncture Protocol Take?

The cost of all Cosmetic Acupuncture protocols includes a required initial assessment and you will receive a regular acupuncture treatment at that same appointment. This assessment is imperative to determining your patterns of disharmony that contribute to the impaired digestive system and accumulation of weight. The abdominal toning, weight loss and fertility protocols are (18) treatments each and sessions are scheduled twice weekly for (6) weeks, then one session per week for (6) weeks. Pictures are taken before and after each protocol, and your results are reviewed at the end of each protocol. 

Results can be from subtle to dramatic, just as in regular acupuncture. In the majority of cases, improvements are made and desired results are achieved. A balanced, well functioning digestive system, along with full compliance with dietary recommendations and suggested lifestyle changes give the best chance at receiving optimal results. This is a commitment to your health. Traditional Chinese Medicine is the true anti-aging medicine and Cosmetic Acupuncture is one of the therapies this ancient medical system offers.