Five Element AcupunctureMy name is Melanie Dailey, and I grew up in the Cleveland, OH area, moving to Lexington, KY in 2015. In my previous career as a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, I worked for MetroHealth, Cleveland’s Level I Trauma Center and specialized in Outpatient Orthopedics, Aerobic & Strengthening and Work Conditioning for those injured on the job. Working with people afflicted with trauma has taught me to consistently seek methods to help bring harmony back to lives of my patients.

In my quest for balance, I discovered acupuncture and loved receiving it so much that I decided it was the perfect second act for a career in the healing arts! Acupuncture supports healthy metabolic rate, harmonizes emotions, improves sleep, raises energy levels, and rejuvenates the body.

I chose to learn Classical Five Element acupuncture which is based on the understanding of the cyclical flow of energy, similar to that of the seasons. This system of ancient medicine diagnoses a person’s imbalance(s) in their Water, Wood, Fire, Earth or Metal elements, and treats the corresponding symptoms at the levels of body, mind, heart and spirit. My treatment philosophy is oriented toward balancing body, mind & spirit as opposed to techniques aimed at eradicating symptoms alone. 

When pain isn’t properly managed, it can have a lasting negative effect on your quality of life, as well as the quality of life of your loved ones. I offer effective pain relief in a professional, relaxed setting in Lexington and am passionate about helping others find balance and counteract obstructed energy flow created by trauma, illness, emotional, or psychological disharmony. In addition to the application of acupuncture and Asian bodywork, Chinese herbs & nutritional recommendations are often made to help facilitate addressing the root imbalance(s) and the return to wholeness.

In addition to practicing Classical acupuncture, I specialize in a natural, holistic alternative approach to anti-aging, weight loss and fertility challenges using a Chinese medicine based system of Cosmetic Acupuncture. Mei Zen, meaning ‘beautiful person’, is great medicine because you can get good health results & good cosmetic results using relatively non-invasive techniques. It is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, incorporates whole body balance into each treatment, and results can last up to 3-5 years with maintenance treatments. Cosmetic Acupuncture is also helpful for Bell’s palsy and other conditions affecting facial muscle symmetry.

What fascinates me about Classical Chinese Medicine as a healing art, is the endless opportunities for learning. I am dedicated to the continual learning process, and have supplemented my Classical Five Element Training with courses taught by leaders in the field of Classical Chinese Medicine, including: Thea Elijah, Lonny Jarrett, Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee, and Jeffrey Yuen. 

For me personally, learning is not a box to check off for professional development requirements. It is a necessity for my personal as well as my professional growth. In graduate school, inner development of the practitioner was heavily emphasized. A large part of why I chose this medicine is the endless potential for growth and learning which beautifully aligns with the depths I am willing and able to go with my training.

Further curriculum includes Sports Medicine Acupuncture as taught by Matt Callison, a particularly effective modality for back and leg pain. Additionally, this clinic is adding Somatic Experiencing® as taught by Dr. Peter Levine: a body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders, which releases traumatic shock and transforms post-traumatic stress disorder as well as emotional and early developmental attachment trauma. 

Acupuncture is a simple, low-cost modality offering immediate, effective, easily accessible support for large numbers of people. It can work harmoniously with other more conventional treatment modalities such as counseling and medication. CommonWealth Acupuncture is proud to be a vendor for the Lexington VA Medical Center. Everyone who qualifies for medical coverage through the Department of Veterans Affairs automatically qualifies for 100% covered Acupuncture treatments through the Veterans Choice Program. All you need is a referral from your VA doctor.

The ability of the body to heal is influenced by the strength of the body, mind & spirit, and trauma to any of these areas can cause a myriad of symptoms. A skilled Classical Five Element practitioner develops a plan that works with the unique needs of each individual. Call 859.813.4208 to discuss if acupuncture is the right modality for you.